“In addition to being a pleasure to work with, Jason’s command of trial strategy and tactics is remarkable. Jason devotes his energy to fully understanding the case in all aspects – the people, the technology, the law, the big picture, and the minutiae. 

In the courtroom, Jason is masterful and is responsible for the most effective cross-examination I have ever observed.”

David Banchik

Vice President – 
Intellectual Property, 
Takeda Pharmaceuticals

“It is difficult to identify the best IP attorney to represent and curate original work. Richard Parke is that attorney, for more than a decade, who crafted and secured my many patents, both domestic and international. An invaluable counselor, Rich participates in every aspect of IP development, protection, business development and corporate governance. A team player with corporate counsel and board members alike, Rich complements that executive balance necessary for a successful organization.”

Richard P. Imbruce, Ph.D.

CEO, Rapid Oxygen Company

“Jason Lief is one of the most talented litigators I have ever had the privilege to work with in my 30 year career.

He possesses a unique ability to adjust quickly to unexpected events during trial – a skill that few first-chair trial lawyers ever develop.

Jason’s expertise to skillfully cross examine opposing counsel witnesses affectionately earned him the nickname ‘bulldog’ by the Shire law department. 

His attention to detail before and during trial allows him to clearly and concisely convey complex scientific and legal principles to Judges and Juries. Finally, Jason is a wonderful human being whom I enjoy spending time with.” 

James Harrington

Vice President – Chief Intellectual Property Counsel – Radius Health, Inc.

“Managing Hatch-Waxman litigations on behalf a major pharmaceutical company, I was able to observe many litigators in front of judges and juries. Jason was always clearly cognizant of the facts and strategies of both sides and able to methodically and crisply advance the case to the best advantage of the client. He was an asset to the team effort whether in conference, at the bar or as counsel.”

David J. Levy

Chief Patent Counsel (retired), Glaxo Wellcome Inc.